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May 1, 2003
X-Killer Mod Chip

The X-killer V3 is the follow up to the famous X-Killer V1.3 chip which was released last year. Now new and improved and with support for all current XBox models (even the newest units with the SHARP bios). Totally flash upgradeable once installed by creating a CDR with the new bios you wish to flash on the chip, and following the on screen instructions. This will enable you to always have the newest code for the chips read more..

May 1, 2003
X-Killer Features

  • One chip for ALL current existing XBox. Works on Versions including the newest XBox systems with the SHARP bios.
  • Optional on/off switch can be added to turn the chip on and off for XBox Live! Support.
  • Plays Original Imports
  • Plays all Homebrew software
  • Plays All Backups of Originals and Imports
  • Can boot between original and modchip bios (with optional on/off switch)
  • Plays unsigned code - Run Debug Executables
    No-patch hack 1 and 2
  • Plays Original and Backup DVD Movies
  • Eject trick hack
  • DVD Reset
  • In Game Reset (IGR)
  • EvoX hard disk patch, install a bigger hard disk (not bigger than 137 GB).
  • Auto detect EvoX Dashboard
  • Flash Upgradeable



How to burn XBox Games

XBox has copyprotection that has to be circumwented to be abpe to play & burn xb game roms and isos. free copy game of our burn game software. Backup copy and burn dvd gamez.

Following are the Modifications (MODs) that can be made to the XBOX.

  • software
  • case mods
  • controller mods
  • light mods skin
  • skin mods

Atari downloads Neo-Geo x box emulation. Download Xbox Emulator for PC cXBx. X-Box Emulator game Roms for PC.

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Emulate PS2 N64 SNES and Nintendo Super NES game rom files from HDD or Emu DVD. Xeon free Pplay Station - PSX + SEGA Dreamcast CD Emulator. MAME emu for XB - MAMEx.

A new version of VirtuaNES, the Windows based Nintendo emulator has been released. Changes are;

-Add an option to do a pause of an emulation at active time of a launcher. Note: Add "ActivePause=1" to a [Launcher] section of INI.
-Add Mapper200,201,202.
-Support POV and SLIDER of a joystick.
-Correct Mapper4.
-Correct Mapper189.
-Correct that tape/barcode was strange. Note: Enbugging was carried out from 0.85.

PinMAME, PinMAME32 and Visual PinMAME 1.30

Burn X-Box Game Roms and ISOs

As with all consoles, the Xbox does have region protection and will not allow other region games to be played as standard. This means for example you cannot play a EU game on a US console. Internal Universal Mods will upgrade your Xbox console to become a universal console and play all games from any country.

Worldwide Fats shipping including UK Canada Australia Nederlands NL Montreal. Read our review of the latest external RegionX mod. Compare Chips. Xecuter BIOS compatible with XBox Live. Forum. PS2 PlayStation 2 PSX.

Mupen64 v0.3

N64 emu, heres whats new:

All versions:
+ General speed up, 10-20% in most games Save states long loading time fixed, now it should load in less than a second
+ sound sync is far more accurate now (thanks to Azimer) it makes some additionnal games booting
+ 64dd detection to fix F-zero
+ a little idle loops bug has been fixed

Windows port:
+ Configuration and initialisation of plugins now can be done prior running a rom. It fixes numerous configuration issues with plugins as well
+ Recent roms menu with option to clear and freeze
+ Command line arguments support with option to run in GUIless mode, compatible with 1964 options, read more about it in pdf
+ Choosing and saving of plugins used per game, access it from Rom Properties
+ Reset rom menu added
+ Speed Modifier to allow game to run at any speed between 1-200% of original Use + and
to increase, decrease it, while in the game. And . to return to 100%.
+ Start game in fullscreen option
+ Pause emulation when idle fixes
+ Global plugin settings (should be unchecked if you want to use plugins per game option from rom properties)
+ Switch on/off ToolBar (ALT+T) and Status Bar (ALT+S), usefull when plugin sets wrong resolution in windowed mode, and for those who hate toolbars :)
+ Selection of columns to show in rom browser
+ English language template updated
+ Support for debugview by linker Put dll in the main folder, if you want to see log output
+ Tonnes of little fixes...

RSP hle plugin
+ mario kart sound fixed

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