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May 1, 2003
X-Killer Mod Chip

The X-killer V3 is the follow up to the famous X-Killer V1.3 chip which was released last year. Now new and improved and with support for all current XBox models (even the newest units with the SHARP bios). Totally flash upgradeable once installed by creating a CDR with the new bios you wish to flash on the chip, and following the on screen instructions. This will enable you to always have the newest code for the chips read more..

May 1, 2003
X-Killer Features

  • One chip for ALL current existing XBox. Works on Versions including the newest XBox systems with the SHARP bios.
  • Optional on/off switch can be added to turn the chip on and off for XBox Live! Support.
  • Plays Original Imports
  • Plays all Homebrew software
  • Plays All Backups of Originals and Imports
  • Can boot between original and modchip bios (with optional on/off switch)
  • Plays unsigned code - Run Debug Executables
    No-patch hack 1 and 2
  • Plays Original and Backup DVD Movies
  • Eject trick hack
  • DVD Reset
  • In Game Reset (IGR)
  • EvoX hard disk patch, install a bigger hard disk (not bigger than 137 GB).
  • Auto detect EvoX Dashboard
  • Flash Upgradeable



Some reasons why You Should MOD-Chip XBOX!

After adding a Modification chips (mod-chips) to Your XBox you will be able to run 3rd party software like:

xbox media playerThe XboxMediaPlayer :

XboxMediaPlayer is a free open source (GPL) multimedia player for the Xbox™ from Microsoft. Currently the Xbox MediaPlayer can be used to play and view most video/ audio/ picture formats such as MPEG/MPG, VOB, AVI, OGM, DivX, XVID, MP3, OGG, JPG, GIF and more direct from a CD/DVD in the DVD-ROM or of the Xbox™ build-in hard disk drive (HDD), it can also play files over a network (LAN) from a PC via an "XStream Server" application or from a Windows (SMB) share. It has Playlist + Slideshow functions, and ability to funcion as a full replacement Xbox™ dashboard. These and more features enables the Xbox™ running Xbox Media Player (aka "Xbox MP", "XBMP" & "XBPLAYER") to fully function as a multi-media jukebox.
Note! XBMP is a hobby project that is only developed by volenteers in their spare-time for free. (Remember, a normal Xbox™ requires a mod-chip installed for XboxMediaPlayer to run on it).

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Media player mod supports the following video/audio/picture formats.

downloadDownload XBMP here

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Multi Region Games on Xbox

As with all consoles, the Xbox does have region protection and will not allow other region games to be played as standard. This means for example you cannot play a EU game on a US console. Internal Universal Mods will upgrade your Xbox console to become a universal console and play all games from any country.

Play DVD Movies from ALL regiouns!

Catch the latest DVD releases from the States months before they're released in the UK.

The US XBox out of the box will play ANY region NTSC DVD Movie as is, with no other modifications. It will NOT play PAL version DVD movies as standard. The PAL (Aus/NZ/Europe) and Japan version Xbox are locked to one region DVD playback only.

A breakdown of standard regions is as follows:
- USA Version XBox: Will Play Regions 1-6 NTSC and Region 0 (Region ALL) Movies/Discs
- Japan Version XBox: Will Play Region 2 and Region 0 (Region ALL) Movies/Discs
- Aus/NZ Version XBox: Will Play Region 4 and Region 0 (Region ALL) Movies/Discs

All Region DVD Mods are available through the use of the Xbox Mod Chip Conversion. For more information on this conversion and requirements for playing back other region DVD movies, please check here >>

xbox linux e-mail dos gamesRun XBOX LINUX

You can download installation CDs and install Linux to your Xbox hard disk. If you connect a keyboard and a mouse to your console, you can work with all common Linux software within the KDE or Gnome desktop environments, just as on an ordinary PC. Please note that, because Microsoft wanted to prevent you from running Linux, you need to do a minimal modification first.

- You can run many Windows applications in Xbox-Linux by using Wine.
- You can run MS-DOS and Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000 on an Xbox on top of VMware in Linux. If configured correctly, the guest operating system can have up to 48 MB of RAM (on a 64 MB Xbox; up to 112 MB on a 128 MB Xbox). Performance is very good (even playing DivX in Windows works flawlessly), but DirectX games will probably not work.
- Xbox-Linux has no 3D acceleration yet, but software OpenGL works. "Ultima Online" works very well, other games are untested.

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